Music + lyrics by N. Hamer

Well you can find me some shoes and a hat and a cane
And baby look at me now, yeah I can dance in the rain

Warsaw, Warsaw looks fine this year, 
How I wish I were there, but I can barely stay here.

I'm too tired to swing at the start of the bell,
Well I fell in love one and it didn't end well.

And I'll be looking on back once I've found my way out, 
Ah, who am I kidding I'll be standing in doubt. 
It's a long and unrelenting road. 

There's nothing left to do, but darling stay here next to you.

She said we're nothing but consequences of stars outside, 
I try to breathe through the weight of it when she's on my mind, 
Nothing left of it, memories of the best of it, helping me through the rest of it all.
I'll dream of Warsaw tonight. 

Nothing left for me to do, nothing's gone, save for you. 

I'll dream of Warsaw tonight. 

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