Porcelain Frame

Music + lyrics by N. Hamer

I was never one to talk about what came before
But she kissed me in a way that made me move against the floor

Livin’ in the night, I held her ordinary name
Above the windows out on Wall Street
With the marble and the porcelain frame

She takes me ‘round the room, he akes me by the hand
Led me through the smoke and crowd till I could hardly stand

Beneath the streets and city lights I laid her down to rest
Laid a hand upon her chest, and said I loved
But merely guessed it all away

And oh, love hurt

It’s the kind of consolation that you get when you’re alone
Past the skin and past the bones, in an ordinary tone
Ask the question, take me dancing, take me out and take me home
Beneath the trees we taste the leaves, ah please don’t leave
I want to roam this earth with you

Oh, love hurt

Oh love break my bones, love take my home
Love lead me astray, weigh me down with stones
Love set me afire, I can see no more
Love break my heart and tear down my door

Love bring me away, burn down my home
There’s an emptiness there that I can’t afford
Love lift me up, for another day
Love leave your mark, I am here to stay

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